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Transplanted Barsha House Off the Market, Up for Monument Status

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It may be hard to sell, but Richard Neutra's Barsha House could be granted Historic-Cultural Monument status. Designer and real estate agent Scott Lander bought the then-fixer-upper in 2008, restored it, and tried to sell later in the year at $2.495 million. We most recently checked in last August when the price was $1.995 million to buy, $6,000 a month to rent. It looks like Lander took it off the market after that last chop, and now he's applied for HCM status. The Barsha House was commissioned by film editor Leon Barsha and his wife, and it didn't always live in Pacific Palisades. It was originally built in 1938 at 4859 Westpark in Valley Village, but was moved to Pacific Palisades in the fifties to avoid death at the hands of the Hollywood Freeway extension.
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