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Schindler's Laurelwood Apartments in Studio City

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Commenters have said mixed things about architect R.M. Schindler's Laurelwood Apartments in Studio City. Such as: "Some were in pretty bad repair; others had been lovingly restored"; "I hate to say this - but rumor has it - the Laurelwood Apts are haunted." Intrigued? A two-bedroom, one-bath is available for $1,695. Description via the MAK Center for Art and Architecture: "Schindler arranged twenty nearly identical two-bedroom apartments very cleverly on this sloping site. The one-story units are arranged in two levels on either side of a central path leading past the garage courts. The ground level units all have patios, while the upper level units have roof decks. Schindler angled the units as they step up the hill so that each two-unit block has a distinct front garden and entry."
· $1695 / 2br - 1bth. Studio City. Tree top views! Walk to Carpenter School! 11837-9 (11837 Laurelwood Dr. #9) [Craigslist]