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Protests, More Fresh Drama at Fairfax Theater Site

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Gorby's plans for Fairfax Theater
What's the latest on the Fairfax Theater, which developer Alex Gorby wants to turn into a 71-unit, Howard Laks-designed condo project? Well, last week Gorby shut down the theater, saying in a release it would also be closed indefinitely. The release also notes that Regency, which operates the lease, decided to leave the building. "After assessing the damage, Regency determined it would not be economically feasible for them to make all of the repairs necessary to reopen the theater." Leaked emails forwarded to Curbed from Regency Theatres President Lyndon Golin indicates the company is taking the position that they would have liked to stay, and say they "were disappointed with the forced closure." Meanwhile, protesters showed up over the weekend at the Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard site to both celebrate the 80th birthday of the theater, and speak out against its development, reports the Los Angeles Times. And in a statement, Hillsman Wright, executive director of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, and one of those fighting to save the theater, calls the Gorby's handling of the building "demolition through neglect." "The ultimate responsibility for maintaining the building in good repair is the property owner," he writes in an email. Meanwhile, the Cultural Heritage Commission votes whether or not to consider a nomination for the theater's historical status on April 1.
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