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Santa Monica Prostrates Self Before Google in Song

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Cities went NUTS in the weeks leading up to the March 26 deadline to apply for Google Fiber, a superfast broadband connection the company says it will build for free "for 50,000 to 500,000 customers in one or more American cities," according to the New York Times. Topeka unofficially changed it's name to Google, Sarasota's mayor swam with sharks, and Madison made Google-flavored ice cream ("vanilla ice cream with granola and M&Ms to match Google’s multicolored logo"). And in Santa Monica, where Google has an office, they made this video of what The Atlantic calls "a kind of city-wide musical replete with smiling old ladies, local police officers and plenty of  'ra ra ra's.'" It's catchy, but is it "dogs dressed as The Wizard of Oz characters" catchy?
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