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Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance, Downtown Talk at Sci-Arc

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BEVERLY HILLS: If classic cars and classic homes are your thing, maybe you want to attend the inaugural Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance. Yes, it costs $100, but it'll return there's a mansion tour, musical entertainment, gourmet food and beverages and historic displays. [Beverly Hills]

DOWNTOWN: If downtown and urban theories are your thing, Eric Avila, author of “Popular Culture in the Age of White Flight: Fear and Fantasy in Suburban Los Angeles,” will give a lecture Wed night at SCI-Arc. Via Sci-Arc, the summary: "By the 1920s, Downtown Los Angeles had become the "Great Gatsby of American cities," a magnet for Southern California's political, commercial, and cultural capital. The Great Depression of the 1930s, however, tempered this exuberance. By the 1940s, at the outset of the postwar suburban boom, Downtown L.A. had become the paragon of the Noir city: dark, dangerous, and distant from the periphery of suburban wealth. Avila revisits the predicament of Downtown L.A. during the post-World War II period, emphasizing the role of the culture - high and low - in the effort to recover its lost vitality and how the tension between the center and the periphery exemplifies the postwar urban history in the U.S." [Sci-Arc]


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