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Rising in West LA, Santa Monica Demo Work Question

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WEST LA: It's just a wee construction site, but the foundation and underground parking levels are seriously rising at Santa Monica Plaza, the residential project going up on Federal Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. This is a mini-tower with 60 units of housing and retail at the bottom; it replaces the former second-hand store of the National Council of Jewish Women. [Curbed Staff]

SANTA MONICA: Help out this reader with his query. Via the InBox: "Have you any news on the Sears at 4th and Colorado in Santa Monica? Demo work began last week on the auto service building and it appears that only the exterior walls are all that’s left of the building. I had heard a while back that the site was earmarked for the terminus of the Expo light rail line but I imagine that the Santa Monica extension is too far off to warrant construction of the new station now." [Curbed InBox]