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Hollywood Reporter is Giving Out Houses in Malibu

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Yesterday Deadline Hollywood editor-in-chief Nikki Finke wrote that in mid-January this year The Hollywood Reporter made her "a very lucrative financial offer" to become their editor-in-chief. Today she posts the details, and besides a $450,000 annual salary and more than half a million a year in television deals, she says the trade offered her a $1 million house in Malibu, which they told her she could keep "whether you stay 5 minutes or 5 years." She explains that she had previously told them she wanted to buy a Malibu condo with an ocean view "some day." Finke posted the offer in response to The Hollywood Reporter's denial that they'd offered her the job. And in case you're looking to make a competitive offer to bring Finke to your publication, there are currently about half a dozen million dollar-ish properties in Malibu listed on Redfin.
· Here's The Hollywood Reporter Offer To Me [Deadline Hollywood, via LA Observed]