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Creepy Story about Caltrans, Their Homes, and the 710

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The Pasadena Weekly tells the story of a battle between Caltrans and Don Jones, who rents a home from Caltrans in Pasadena. It all comes down to a legal dispute between Jones and Caltrans. According to the Weekly, Jones and his family live in one of the Caltrans-owned 500 homes along the 710 corridor, but the state agency has been trying to evict him for years--and Jones believes that he's being retaliated against. Caltrans won't comment on the suit, so all we get is Jones' side. Via the Weekly: "Jones, who had always hoped to buy the home that he and his family live in, believes the agency is really trying to oust him because of his attempts to stop the 2008 eviction of a friend, his well-known advocacy for other renters, his organizing efforts to stop plans to bulldoze a path for the proposed 4.5-mile freeway extension and his opposition to boring twin-barrel tunnels." Via PW
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