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Busy Boy: Gehry's Designs for DC Eishenhower Memorial OK'd

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Another day, another Gehry project. There's the wavy Vegas Alzheimer's building, his New York theater project, the Polish cultural center, and now we have DC's Eisenhower Memorial. The Washington Post reports that members of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission met today to "choose a basic design concept for the proposed Eisenhower memorial at Maryland and Independence avenues" close to the National Mall. There's no undulating Bilbao or Disney Hall-like waves, but a central public plaza, lots of columns, and a "tapestry of woven stainless steel mesh." It looks kind of squat, but this was the most elaborate of Gehry's designs, apparently. The choice of Gehry, who got the commission last year, was controversial because Eisenhower is seen as one of the "least flashy and most modest presidents," according to the Post. The long-gestating project was hatched in 1999 and is supposed to open in 2015.
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