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After El Dorado's Renovation, Meeting the New Lobby

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Back in November 2008, there was a dusty tour of the under-construction El Dorado, that Spring Street building that's now headed to auction. Voila! Here's how she's looking today. This is a tour of the lobby; tomorrow, we'll do a tour of the residences. Built in a hybrid of Gothic and Art Nouveau styles, the former hotel, built in 1914 by businessman N. W. Stowell, was rehabbed by project architect Rockefeller Partners. Look at that fabulous staircase. You can see the Batchelder tiles in some of the shots (according to Downtown Properties' Bill Stevenson people used to sneak in and try to steal the tiles). This area won't be used as an entrance for residents (they have a more modest entrance), and the developer is trying to land an "upscale European" restaurant for the whole lobby and mezzanine area. A bar has already signed a lease for the large underground area, while Joji Dreyfus, Downtown Properties, project manager for El Dorado, says they want to put a coffee shop or pizza joint in the 1,400 square foot space next to the planned park. Look for more coverage of all these spaces on Eater. Meanwhile, the Hotel Stowell was sold in 1938, and its fancy period would soon pass. It became the El Dorado Hotel, and devolved into a flophouse.
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El Dorado Lofts

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El Dorado

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