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New Home for Port Police in San Pedro, Buff & Hensman Tour

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SAN PEDRO: The latest shots of the under-construction, 51,000-square-foot Port Police headquarters on Fifth Street in San Pedro. According to an older Breeze story, the building, designed by McLarand, Vasquez, Emsiek and Partners, was supposed to wrap up in early 2011. [Curbed Staff]

PASADENA: As a reader pointed out, the bummer about this one is that the tour falls on the same day as that Gregory Ain home tour. Nevertheless, we soldier on. Here's the info on the Pasadena Heritage Buff & Hensman Tour, taking place this Sunday. "Featured residences on the tour include the 1954 John Norton House which is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Alvaro Bea House of 1957 was studied by Dennis Smith while he was an architectural student. He later was involved in two phases of renovations and restoration. Dennis Smith will be available to answer questions during the tour at the 1983 Dunn House where he was the principle architect." [Pasadena Heritage]