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The Seismically Dangerous Buildings of UCLA and CSU-Long Beach

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Many of California's public universities contain buildings that are dangerously unprepared for an earthquake, according to a report on As with most earthquake preparedness stories, SoCal comes out better than NorCal, but we are not without our problems. UCLA has spent the most money retrofitting buildings of any school in the UC and CSU systems, and plans on spending another half billion by the end of the decade. But UCLA's Darling Biomedical Library, according to the report, poses a serious safety hazard should a big quake occur. And CSU-Long Beach "has some of the longest-standing seismic dangers of any CSU campus, with four buildings on the hazard list since at least 1994." Remodels seem to take precedence over retrofitting, according to the article, with a science building recently erected while the school's liberal arts buildings remain dangerous and susceptible to partial collapse. Money that was supposed to go to strengthen the three structures was lost because of a bureaucratic screw-up in 2005. School officials are now planning a $69 million project that would replace the current liberal arts buildings, but "it will likely be several years before construction begins because of a backlog in projects." [Image via wikimedia]
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