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Cornell Discovers What People Are Photographing in 'LA'

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The Cornell University study they cite appears to be a year old but its findings are new to Gothamist, and us. Cornell apparently used a supercomputer to map the world's photos, searching 35 million Flickr photos to uncover the world's most photographed cities, as well as the landmarks most captured in those places. LA is the world's fifth most snapped urban center with over 775,000 pics, with NYC, London, SF, and Paris being the top four. And what is our most photographed landmark? Disneyland. Don't feel too bad for LA, though. One of New York's most snapped landmarks is an Apple Store, while poor Portland (number 25 most captured city, surprisingly) had its airport included in its top landmarks. [Image from Mastery of Maps via Flickr]

· Mac Store Fifth Most Photographed NYC Landmark [Gothamist]