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One of Neutra's Condo-Converted Strathmore Apartments*

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*Photos updated

One of Richard Neutra's Strathmore Apartments is back on the market after a 2008 sale. The place has serious architectural pedigree--it was built by Neutra in 1937 and has been occupied by Case Study house sponsor John Entenza, architect-design team Charles and Ray Eames, and architects Lee + Mundwiler. The complex has eight units, but only four are condos, and "each apartment is unique thanks to variety in plan, section and elevation." This one has two bedrooms, one and three-quarter bathrooms, a separate entrance, and full-length decks. The Value of Architecture adds that the front unit is believed to be "the final and most desirable in the complex." The condo sold pretty quickly in 2008 for $815,000. The owners are asking just what they paid--$815,000. More photos here.
· Richard Neutra, Architect Strathmore Apartments, 1937 [TVOA]

Strathmore Apartments

11005 Strathmore Dr., Los Angeles, CA