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Downtown's Swamp, And Other Neighborhood Attractions

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Via Google, the big pit at First Street and Broadway
The Downtown News parades out the worst eyesores in the neighborhood, naming the "most notable, and most disturbing, languishing properties." Among the winners is the big dusty pit at First Street and Broadway, a 3.6 acre site was once slated to hold a federal courthouse. "However, the plan stalled in 2007 after the project’s budget skyrocketed to $1 billion. The U.S. General Services Administration then went back to the drawing board, and there has been no movement on the property since. Meanwhile, in the recent rains the hole became a mini-lake, complete with greenish water and garbage-strewn banks." Others on the list include the Civic Center pit and the Hall of Justice.
· Downtown’s 10 Worst Eyesores [Downtown News]