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Baumbach on Shooting in LA, Those Blow-Up Men

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Los Angeles magazine interviews director Noah Baumbach about shooting "Greenberg" in the city, a piece which has Baumbach talking about all the locations he used (Gower Gulch to the La Brea Jons), why it can be easier to shoot in LA rather than NYC, and why he thinks LA is lonelier than NYC. And in mentioning city-specific references, he makes mention of the ubiquitous blow-up man. "And then there’s the orange blow-up man—you know, that huge flailing figure that seems to move when a fan blows air into it. I’d seen a bunch of them while driving on La Brea. They’re kind of dreamy, and then they’ll convulse in a way that feels unpleasant. When I went to a car dealer on La Brea where I’d seen one, they didn’t have the guy I wanted anymore, so I found him—the orange one—and brought him back to re-create the scene." The magazine also has a handy guide to notable locations used in the movie.
· Los Angeles, I love you but you're bringing me down [LA Mag]