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Vivid: We'll Pay for Octomom House if She Stars in a Movie

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This is all kinds of ugh. Apparently, Nadya Suleman and her brood of 14 children are thisclose to foreclosing on their La Habra home. But porn purveyor Vivid Video has come to Octo's salvation? damnation? by offering to pay off the approximately $565,000 house if Octo signs a movie contract, reports ABC7. The home is currently signed over to Suleman's father, who was obligated to make $4,000 monthly payments, and a $450,000 balloon payment (obviously that hasn't happened). Vivid founder Steven Hirsh says if Octo sells her soul for the Spanish-style OC house, she'll get the best hair and make-up and star in films "she can be proud of."
· Porn Studio Offers Octomom Mortgage Swap [ABC7]