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Candy Spelling Spotted Fundraising For Spot at Studio City Park

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Last week, after a trip to the Laurel Canyon Dog Park with his pup, a reader sent in a dispatch from the visit: "I listened and watched as Candy Spelling met with a woman, apparently from a non-profit, about building a sun shelter where the concrete tables are currently placed. The park lost some mature shade trees in storms over the last few years and there is now little shade to be found. From what I gathered, Spelling is paying for it and it'll be named after Doris Day, a longtime animal rights activist. It seemed as though there were extant plans for the space that were under review. I heard the parks lady say 'Craftsman pergola.'" Spelling helpfully cleared up the situation this weekend in a Huffington Post article. Turns out she was fundraising as a member of the Los Angeles Parks Foundation, but the donor she met with that day agreed to the proposal. She writes, "we're going to have a new area for the dogs and their guardians to enjoy the park," and says community members can also donate benches, water fountains, tress, shelters, or gardens in their dogs' names. No mention of the pergola though. [Spelling and Madison via Examiner; Laurel Canyon Dog Park via Yelp]
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