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Deadline Approaching for Aspiring Orange Line Artists

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Local artists hoping to have their work featured at the stations of the under-construction Orange Line busway extension in the western Valley have until March 12 to submit their qualifications. Metro's Maya Emsden tells us that a three-person panel of art industry people will pick two possible artists for each station, with Metro paying those artists $1,000 for their specific proposals, and finally choosing one artist for each of the five new stations (the four-mile extension from Warner Center to the Chatsworth Metrolink/Amtrak station will have four new stations, while the current Canoga station is getting new platforms). "We don't ask for a theme, just great ideas," Emsden says. All the Orange Line artwork will be porcelain enamel on steel, which is easily cleaned and durable--artists will get help placing their work onto the materials, which Emsden says frees up the possibility of having emerging artists, including photographers, win the contest. Every station but the terminus at Chatsworth will have multiple platforms for artwork, and will be provided with an approximate $100,000 budget for artwork, with Chatsworth getting $50,000. After the materials and fabrication costs, artists typically take home 15 percent of that money for themselves, Emsden says. A final decision on the five artists will be made in three to six months. A call is already out for national artists to submit designs for new and enhanced stations created for the Silver Line busway, with a deadline of April 5. [Orange Line station rendering via Metro]
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