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INABA's Well-Lit Sandwiched at the Whitney Biennial

[Photo by Naho Kubota via Abitare]

Last we heard from LA-based architecture firm INABA, they had installed their Pool Noodle Rooftop on a building in New York. Now they and Jeffrey Inaba's Columbia University C-Lab group have created Sandwiched, a pop-up cafe in the Whitney Museum's courtyard, as part of the Whitney Biennial. The centerpieces of the cafe are three huge lanterns, and there's also a 24-foot service counter, tables, high-top counters, and "droopy" seat cushions, although we're not sure exactly what those are. Here's INABA's explanation of the installation, which maybe-kind of bags on the Whitney's Marcel Breuer building: "Depending on the character of the interior design, even the strongest statements of modern architecture can today sometimes verge on feeling unadorned, like a dentist office waiting area. We wanted to add another scale of detail and information to the Breuer building’s interior. Only instead of using stark simple forms and exposed natural materials, we tried to enhance the space, to ‘re?humanize’ it, with curved shapes and a palette of synthetic materials (fiberglass, resin, nylon, acrylic and vinyl)." INABA and C-Lab have also designed t-shirts, signage, the menu, and order cards that each show "the front and back surface of a material found in the Breuer building." Sandwiched will be open through September 2010.
· Jeffrey Inaba [Whitney Museum of American Art]
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