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See the Magnificent Rube Goldberg Machine of Echo Park in Action

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The band OK Go is known for its videos (they're the synchronized treadmill guys), and they go big on their latest. This video of an enormous Rube Goldberg machine, for the song "This Too Shall Pass," was shot in one take on two stories of an abandoned and vandalized warehouse on Glendale Boulevard in Echo Park. The LA Times visited the set last month and found out the machine's raison d'être from the band's lead singer: "Its only purpose is to be awesome." OK Go constructed the machine with the help of the crazy artistic engineers of Lincoln Heights group Synn Labs (aka Mindshare). LACMA is holding a fundraiser and release party for the video on Friday, with pieces from the machine on display. Does that mean it's not still up in Echo Park? Because there was probably some serious rental money in that thing. If you're not done geeking out on this, there're four making of videos on the band's YouTube page.
· OK Go [Official Site]
· Syyn Labs [Official Site]

1755 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA