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Toyota Mass Grave Protest Erected Near Downtown?

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Via mttw mttw
As Toyota executives continue Congressional hearings over the car maker's safety record, Flickr user mttw mttw snapped this photo yesterday, taken just north of downtown---where the 110 meets the 101--of what looks to be some sort of joint memorial and protest. Check out his whole Flickr set here. He writes in to Curbed: "Somebody put out crosses and put a sign up that read, "You Reap What You Sow." I counted 34 crosses from the photo. This has been ‘blank’ for awhile, but several months ago Toyota planted a floral arrangement to advertise the Prius." The memorial was gone as of today, he notes. According to the Associated Press, there's been 52 deaths linked to cases of unintended acceleration in Toyotas since 2000. Los Angeles Times reporters Ralph Vartabedian and Ken Bensinger originally broke the story about unintended acceleration in Toyota cars.
· Toyota Floralscape on 110 becomes a Memorial to the People Who Died from the Delayed Recall [Flickr]