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Foiled! Funding for LA-Vegas Maglev Headed Elsewhere

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Better tell that Chinese firm they're not needed after all. That $45 million that was promised towards building a maglev train between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is instead likely going to fund a road widening project near McCarran International Airport, reports the Las Vegas Sun. The money, which is coming from Obama's jobs bill is going to the Nevada Department of Transportation, and apparently it's up to that group to delegate where the money should go. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says in a statement that redirecting the funds to the airport road "will have the biggest immediate impact for job creation and relief from traffic congestion..." Backers of the maglev are soldiering on, saying they'll look for the money else. Via the Sun: "In a statement released late Wednesday, spokesman Mark Fierro said the California-Nevada Super Speed Train commission will continue to try to get the money from the Federal Railroad Administration. 'ot is unfortunate that Senator Reid has again announced his intention to ‘re-direct’ $45 million in seed money that two previous Congresses (2005 and 2008) and one president (Bush) designated for the state of Nevada to commence construction of the fastest train in the world to connect Las Vegas and Anaheim,” Fierro said."
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