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Duners Will Rally For Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Access

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You can't keep a good Duner down. The group of exercisers fighting for their right to work out at Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach is holding a rally this weekend on the beach "to demand that the Manhattan Beach City Council reopen Sand Dune Park to respectful exercise for all," according to the press release. The dune was closed temporarily in August, and in January the City Council voted to reopen the park with TBD restrictions on dune access. Locals have led the fight to close off the dune, with complaints of noise, traffic, and trash. The unofficial Duner group, meanwhile, has coalesced into Citizens for Outdoor Recreation and Exercise, which has applied for non-profit status. They say they will "promote access and awareness throughout Manhattan Beach’s public recreational areas," and that the city has "less than 3 acres of parkland per thousand residents -- including the beaches," which is well below the national average. The rally will take place Sunday at 2 pm and according to the Beach Reporter, it "may be followed by a march." The Facebook invitation encourages attendees to make signs, and to "bike, walk or rollerblade" to the beach that day. It has more than 250 RSVPs so far. The City Council will take up the dune matter again in April.
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Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park, Manhattan Beach, CA