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Relive the '70s, When the Hollywood Sign Looked Like Hell

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The Runaways, about the band that got their start here in the '70s, opens tonight, and if the trailer is any indication it's full of groovy LA nostalgia. LA Observed has already buildingspotted the movie's Pup 'n' Fries, the non-rights-infringing version of the "relatively short-lived but fondly recalled SoCal fast-food chain" Pup 'n' Taco. Its stand-in is the Home Plate Burgers in Reseda. Our favorite throwback is the decaying mid-'70s Hollywood Sign, which was pretty roughed-up right before its 1978 rehabilitation ("The top of the "D" and the entire third "O" toppled down Mt. Lee, and an arsonist set fire to the bottom of the second "L," says the sign's website.). Watch the whole trailer here.
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Hollywood Sign

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