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Before and After for Broadway Building, W Residences Get Down to Party

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Via Skyscraper forum
DOWNTOWN: The folks at the Skyscraper forum are all excited about the transformation of 537 Broadway. "Well, from the look of things, it appears to be nearing its renovation, with both scaffolding and shrouding having been removed in the past couple of days," writes a poster. Blogdowntown wrote about the building last August, noting that the upper floors of the 1930 art deco building at 537 S. Broadway are being converted into commercial space. [Skyscraper]

HOLLYWOOD: We met the hotel, but now it looks like some of those W Hollywood residences are done. An invite just went out for an event next Wednesday inviting party goers to look at "the first ever preview of the inspirational residential designs from a celebrated design collective." [Curbed InBox]