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Cat Fight Over Huge Ventura County Independent Studio

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Back in 2008 a group called Commonwealth Studios decided to build a huge independent movie studio in Moorpark. They teamed up with Triliad Development Inc., which was representing the owner of the 44.5 acres the studio would be built in. Plans were to break ground in April 2009. The project got delayed, and in the meantime things seem to have gotten a little bitchy. Triliad has ditched Commonwealth, saying that their contract ended in August 2008. Commonwealth says the contract was extended, and its president told the Ventura County Star that "Triliad, nor the property owners, have ever approached Commonwealth Studios to terminate their contractual agreement." Commonwealth was the project's Hollywood tie--its president is a writer and producer--so now Triliad will have to bring in a new industry partner. Meanwhile the city seems caught off guard. Moorpark's assistant city manager told the Pacific Coast Business Times "We [at the city] became aware of it when we noticed Triliad was no longer referring to the project as Commonwealth Studios." The new name is Moorpark West Studios, and no one's sure when it'll break ground. Triliad submitted final plans for the $125 million project in early March, and they include outdoor shooting facades, a 30,000 square foot soundstage, several smaller soundstages, a pool for underwater shoots, offices, and a commissary, as well as a widening for the 118.
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