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Mt. Olympus Homeowners Try to Reign in the Speed Demons

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Screen shot via Streetsblog
Streetsblog recounts the interesting story of homeowners in the Hollywood Hills, who are asking the city to help pay for speed humps and associated signs along Laurel Canyon Road. The problem: speeding teens (and adults) whipping down the road, causing accidents. "Jerry Lynette, a homeowner near that curve at the bottom-right of the google image, complained specifically that teenagers "playing in their father's cars" take the turn at excessive speeds. Just counting his experiences and that of his family, he counted six crashes that occurred getting into and out of his driveway because of excessive speeds. Meanwhile, [Mt. Olympus] Homeowner's Association President Mel Rumba complains that residents can't let their children out in the streets." But noting the grade of the hill, LADOT Assistant General Manager is saying speed bumps aren't the answer, and has a suggested a study on the matter. Streetsblog is worried that no resolution by the LADOT will be found.
· DIY Goes Legit: Hills Community Wants to Pay for Its Traffic Calming [Streetsblog]