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Koning Eizenberg May Take on Beloved Best Western Hollywood Hills

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Image via Ugly Angel and 101
Ugly Angel digs up details for a Koning Eizenberg-planned redesign of the Best Western Hollywood Hills on Franklin Avenue (it's located right across from the soon-to-be-completed Belle at Hollywood Tower). As Ugly Angel points out, the Best Western holds the Warner Ebbink–designed 101 Coffee Shop, but it sounds like no changes are planned for the restaurant. More about the 101 via its official site: "The look of the 101 Coffee Shop was carefully designed by Warner Ebbink after extensive research of coffee shops of the 1960’s and ‘70’s. From the stone wall behind the retro brown leather booths to the counter that extends through most of the space, the hipster residents of Hollywood are transported to a funky diner straight out of the late 1960’s." According to the blog, a hearing for the project will be heard before the Planning Commission on April 6.
· A Better Best Western Hollywood Hills [Ugly Angel]

Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel

6141 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028