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Sellapalooza: Perry Farrell's Steven Ehrlich-Designed House in Venice

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Say hello to the Farrell House, designed by Culver City architect Steven Ehrlich and commissioned by Jane's Addiction frontman, Lollapalooza founder, and LA legend Perry Farrell. He's married and has two kids now--Perry Farrell! We know!--so maybe the family's outgrown the two bedroom, two bathroom house with loft. From the listing: "The building's footprint is a straightforward rectangular box cut away to incorporate an existing lap pool. The most prominent feature is a two story barrel vault that runs the length of the structure." There's also a sliding glass wall, rooftop terrace, and three car garage, and according to a 1999 LA Times article, a concealed "motorized film screen and a blue screen for making videos." But in case you think living here is anything like watching Farrell perform, "The owner embraced non-Western cultural influences, resulting in simplicity, tranquility and responsiveness to nature." Asking price is $1.6 million.
· 2008 GLENCOE Ave [Redfin]

Farrell House

2008 Glencoe Ave., Venice, CA