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Beverly Hills' The Knoll: Sequel to the Dohenys' Greystone Mansion

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[Inset via Hablinski + Manion; last image via John Bruce Nelson Associates]

Last month we took a tour of Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, home to and site of the death of oil baron Ned Doheny. Today, the sequel. A reader asked about all the construction going on next door to Greystone, on Schuyler Road--the estate is called The Knoll, and it was built by Ned's widow Lucy. A few years after Ned's death, Lucy married financier Leigh Battson, and they lived in Greystone until 1955. Then she and Battson moved into this Roland Coate-designed mansion next door. According to New York Social Diary, at the end of her life she moved into a "luxurious condominium on the Wilshire Corridor," and since she's left, the Knoll has been owned by producer Dino De Laurentiis, singer Kenny Rogers, and back into the hands of oil barons--Barbara and Marvin Davis. After Marvin Davis' death, it sold to "tool and die tycoon" Eric Smidt in 2005, reportedly for $46 million, and he's doing a complete overhaul. Architects Hablinski + Manion say they're changing the "streamlined contemporary Georgian" into "a white brick Regency residence."
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The Knoll

1130 Schuyler Rd., Beverly Hills, CA