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As Anniversary Nears, a Look at LA's Most Controversial Rail Line

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This summer marks the 20th anniversary of LA's first modern rail link--the Blue Line, which travels above-ground for 22 miles from downtown LA to downtown Long Beach. The Source, Metro's in-house blog, is taking a close look at the heavily-ridden and accident-prone Blue Line. Critics of current and future at-grade rail (Gold, Expo, etc.) often cite the Blue Line as evidence that above-ground rail is inherently dangerous. Steve Hymon, a former transit reporter for the LA Times, writes that crashes between the train and cars have dropped markedly. But accidents between the train and pedestrians have not (the Blue Line averages the same amount of accidents as most other rail lines in the country, but has more fatalities). Questioned why, Metro's director of corporate safety, Vijay Khawani, gives a diplomatic response to the effect that Metro is responsible for installing safety features—new efforts include flashing lights on streets and swinging pedestrian gates—and the public is responsible for paying attention to signs and warnings. The next post promises a look at the enforcement of safety laws around the Blue Line.
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