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Everyone to Highland Park, Barnsdall Art Park Classes Killed by Budget*

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HIGHLAND PARK: We just got the latest newsletter from Eastside real estate agent Ken Shapiro. Takeaways? Here's what he writes about Highland Park. "Highland Park is quite an intriguing alternative these days. Not that we at Silverwood are abandoning Echo Park, not by a long shot...Only problem is, not many people are selling in Echo Park right now......According to the last issue of “Los Angeles Business Journal”, home sales in Highland Park are up 29% from this time last year....Look for Highland Park to become the “new Silverlake/Echo Park” over the next couple of years... indeed, it’s already happening." NOW YOU KNOW. There's a lovely 1900 home on Avenue 57 listed for $195,000. [Ken Shapiro]

LOS FELIZ: Barnsdall Art Park wants everyone to know that spring classes are canceled. "Due to the current financial crisis in the City of Los Angeles, the Department of Cultural Affairs has canceled spring classes for the Barnsdall and Junior Arts Centers. There is a Art, Parks, Health and Aging Committee Meeting Monday March 22, 2010 at 10am at City Hall, Room 1060." UPDATE: While staffers' early retirement is behind the decision to cancel the classes, a rep for City Councilman Eric Garcetti's office says that the councilman is urging the center to maintain shorter timeline* for the classes. [Facebook]