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Forget It Jake, It's a Painstakingly Recreated 1940s Los Angeles

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Via Game Informer
The March issue of Game Informer has new stills from the long-delayed but much-anticipated game LA Noire. Publisher Rockstar Games calls the game "an interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940' a perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways..." Citing the print-only GI article, the AV Club says LA Noire will have the "the biggest in-game environment ever created, a near 1:1 block-for-block recreation of the city right down to prices on diner menus," and that the developers "reviewed over 180,000 period photos from newspapers to create its look." (Compare to actual 1940s LA footage if you like.) Edge adds that the game play was "Informed by real police records, newspapers and maps of ’40s Los Angeles." Aaron Staton, Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men, voices the game's protagonist, and it's set to come out this fall. After the jump, a 2006 trailer that takes place downtown; according to Kotaku, this is just a "target render," so it's not from the actual game.

And another screen grab, too:

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