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LA County Home Prices: Up from Last Year, But Still Slipping

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The busy squirrels at DataQuick rolled out their latest housing numbers yesterday, reporting the median sales price in LA County increased 5 percent to $315,000 from $299,000 a year ago. But month over month, there was a slip, points out LA Observed Biz: "February's median price in L.A. County was $315,000, down $10,000 from the previous month and $24,000 from December, when more high-end homes were being sold." And now our heads are going to explode. But overall, the Daily News, quoting DataQuick analyst Andrew LePage, reports that the early months of the year aren’t an indicator of how the market will behave. "It's still kind of a mish-mash," LePage said. "The January and February numbers are always more difficult to interpret and not predictive at all." LePage had a busy day yesterday because he was also talking to the Los Angeles Times, noting that markets won't normalize until financing for larger purchases becomes more available. "'You still have people out there who historically would be considered very creditworthy but they can't get a jumbo loan," said LePage.
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