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Santa Monica To Remain Mayor-less Until Mid-May

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Santa Monica has been without a mayor since the passing of Ken Genser in January, and will remain that way for almost two more months, reports The Santa Monica Daily Press. Terry O'Day has been appointed to fill Genser's seat in the city council, but the council has to vote on who will represent the city as mayor: "And with council members planning to miss meetings in March and April, Mayor Pro Tem Pam O'Connor said the panel won't be able to select a new mayor until May 11 at the earliest." According to the paper, the mayoral role in Santa Monica is almost "entirely ceremonial," with no extra power and few additional duties other than more ribbon-cuttings and speaking engagements. But the mayors get to preside over city council meetings and are handed a nice bump in pay--$15,329 per year compared with $12,774 for the other city councilmen/women. [Santa Monica City Hall image via]
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