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Cracking Lincoln Heights' Alta Lofts Price Force Field

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It's been a BIG mystery trying to find out what the pricing is for Lincoln Heights' Alta Lofts--the old Fuller Lofts condo building that went belly up, before being marketed again as condominiums-- because the web site has a vague "$200,000s-$500,000s" figure. Additionally, no print-out sheets showing all the prices have been made available yet. But now some units have hit Redfin. Let's inspect, yee homebuyers interested in gentrifying San Fernando Road.

A 657-square foot unit is listed at $229,500. And there's a 950-square unit that's also listed at the same price.

Or, pay $381,480 and you can move into a 1,203 square foot unit.

And a 1,719 square foot unit is asking $545,700. It looks like they're using the same photos in many of the same listings (likely the model units). Meanwhile, there's an opening party this weekend on Saturday. Stopping by the building about six weeks ago, we looked at more of the units--and really liked most of them, as well as the chain-free area (ie no Subways, no Pinkberrys in sight). The only thing that may be worrisome is the stairwell shaft in the middle of the building because it can make the whole building feel a tad prison-like. The again, we love ourselves some kinky Lincoln Heights prisons. But maybe they've updated the look of the stairwell by now. We see furniture in the photos, which is a start.
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Alta Lofts

200 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, CA

Alta Lofts

200 san fernando road, los angeles