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Tropical-Adjacent Mini-Park Breaks Ground in Silver Lake

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What was once a 2,000-square-foot turn lane at Parkman Avenue and Silver Lake Blvd. will soon be home to new trees and drought-resistant bushes--or as the sustainability blog calls it, an "urban lounge... where walkers will hang out for a few minutes, get some shade, and then move on" (makes us think of Los Feliz's little median park). The mini-park's architect, Urban Operations Studio, says the design was created to "mitigate concerns about attracting an influx of homeless and vandalism." Last Saturday, about 20 locals set up shop at the corner to fill in the triangular park, called Parkman Triangle, with dirt. Previously, asphalt was removed from the street, which was paid for with a $10,000 matching grant from the city's Office of Community Beautification, as well as $4,000 from the office of Councilman Eric Garcetti. The park is mostly a grassroots effort (really!), with more locals arriving next Sunday morning (the day of the LA Marathon--yikes) to move dirt and plant the three shady trees and camel-like shrubs. At least tasty Tropical is nearby.

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