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Michael Maltzan's Unrealized Ideas For the Vancouver Art Gallery

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[First image via Vancouver Sun; others via SkyscraperPage]

New plans in a new location for the Vancouver Art Gallery are drawing criticism, so the Vancouver Sun has dug up 2004 plans that Silver Lake's Michael Maltzan made for the existing site, currently the location of a 1912 neo-classical courthouse building that was converted in 1982. The Sun describes five plans put forth by Maltzan.

"Over" was a long, low building that bridged from the existing building to property across the street. "Across" had a converted adjacent building connected by elevated skyway to the old building. "Behind" had three new buildings located along one side of the site and would have involved demoing the Gallery's restaurant, patio, and steps. "Cloud" was "an ambitious plan that involved several additions to the current gallery," including a seven story T-shaped gallery. The T building was kept in the "Preferred" plan, which also had an underground gallery dug out. The Sun says all of these were rejected for a new 320,000 square foot building at a new site. It also implies that Vancouver is hungering for a little stateside starchitecture--the article mentions that Toronto has recently gotten a Frank Gehry expansion to its Art Gallery of Ontario, and one by Daniel Liebeskind for the Royal Ontario Museum.
· Home unimprovement: Inside the Vancouver Art Gallery’s rejected renovation plans [Vancouver Sun]

Michael Maltzan Architecture

2801 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, CA