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Yes, Moby Says He's Trying to Buy Wolf's Lair

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You know who's a very accessible famous person? Moby! Here's what he wrote back--via email--to our question about whether he was purchasing Wolf's Lair, news which broke yesterday. "I am hoping to buy Wolf's Lair, but am quite a ways away from actually closing on it. Assuming I do actually close on it in the near future, I'll let you know. And assuming I do end up owning Wolf's Lair, my hope would be to restore it to what it was like in the late 20s when it was built. Also, doing the same to the Lautner guest house house, but with a respectful mid-century approach, as that's when the Lautner house was constructed. Thanks, Moby." Only one question remains: When's the housewarming party? We'll bring the Triscuits!
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