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Burbank Airport Would Like a High-Speed Rail Stop, Too

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The Burbank City Council wants the environmental study of California's proposed high-speed rail to include an option for a stop near Bob Hope Airport, reports the Glendale-News Press. And city officials are actually being sort of bitchy and demanding about the high-speed rail stop. Fabulous! "'I think we should be as strong as possible to let them know that if they don’t include a link to the airport, that they’re going to have an enemy in us, and that we would find that unacceptable,'" Councilman Dave Golonski said. The proposed rail is already going through Burbank, according the paper, and planners have told the city to prepare 2,000 parking spots. More about the airport possibility wish via the paper: "City officials have proposed a possible stop near the airport at Hollywood Way and San Fernando Road. That could require building a connection to link high-speed rail with the airport’s proposed transportation center at Empire Avenue and Hollywood Way. Still, the airport option has had issues of its own. High-speed-rail representatives have informed planners that they prefer a station south of where two rail lines converge near Burbank Boulevard to capture local train passengers from both the Ventura and Antelope Valley lines."
· Burbank lobbies for airport stop [GNP]