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1960s Home with Pool in Glendale

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All photos via Flickr user Kevin Frank
This posting on the Lotta Living bulletin board for a 3-bedroom home with a pool for sale in Glendale piqued our interest. According to the poster, the 3,040-square-foot house was custom-built in 1962 and features original details such as a "Roman tub with an adjacent rock garden in the master bath, 'Jack & Jill' bathroom with double sinks/counters, built-in shelving/desk/daybed in guest room...and an s-shaped couch built to fit the rounded living room wall." The house last changed hands in July 2009 for $885,000; judging by the photos in the previous listing, the current owners have made some tasteful updates, including a new, open-plan kitchen. Today's asking price: $1.175 million. The property should be officially listed later this week.--Pauline O'Connnor
For Sale: Mid-Century Gem in the Jewel City [Lotta Living]

1520 Cedarhill Road, glendale