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Questionable Decisions: Very Big Traffic Signs Erected in Echo Park

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At a cost of $240,000 each, two signs have been installed on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, near Dodgers Stadium, reports The Eastsider LA blog. Eventually, the signs will be festooned with cursive lettering indicating the neighborhood drivers and bus commuters find themselves in (see rendering) and be up and running for the first Dodger game on April 13. These "changeable message signs," located at the corners of White Knoll and Portia streets, are akin to those on the freeway that indicate traffic conditions and how long it'll will take you to travel two miles. The Eastsider quotes a public works document as saying, "Displaying accurate information on CMS helps commuters assess traffic, alleviates driver stress and allows drivers to make better decisions." Unanimously, the Eastsider's commenters aren't seeing their benefit. Writes one anonymous reader, "I live approx. 30 ft. from this new sign, literally on Sunset, and though I bemoan a lot of the responses to things like this as nothing but "not in my backyard" type complaints, in this case, NOT IN MY BACKYARD. That is, as others have noted, this is literally just beyond a crosswalk that is already somewhat dangerous, as people blow through it, despite blinking flashing lights, all the time. Another distraction cannot be helpful."
[Images via The Eastsider LA]

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