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Hollywood and Vine Work, Watch the Palms Iguana

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HOLLYWOOD: A reader snaps a photo of the lot at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, a site which once the housed Basque nightclub, which went up in flames back in April 2008. "Looks like some fairly substantial work has begun..." notes our reader. The uninformed, but knee-jerk reaction is parking lot, of course. Who can recall what is planned for this corner? [Curbed InBox]

PALMS: If the iguana bites, it's not the fault of the real estate agent. That's established. A reader passes on a listing for a three-bedroom on Admiralty Way in Palms. From the listing: "Open House...Take care not to step on iguana in the garden during the open house. Iguana does not bite (per owner)." Iguana home is asking $639,000. [Redfin]