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Pot Petition is Toast, Another Lawsuit Threatened

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A ballot initiative effort that would have put the recent cap on LA's marijuana dispensaries up for a vote (this is the pro-dispensary crowd who wants the cap lifted) just took a big hit, reports KPCC. A group of dispensaries hoping to repeal the cap needed 27,425 signatures for their referendum to qualify for the ballot, but only received about 15,000 verifiable signatures. The main fella behind the ballot effort, Dan Halbert of Mar Vista's Rainforest Collective, believes the city purposely sabotaged the effort by delaying approval on their petition and short-changing the dispensaries 10 days to collect signatures. Halbert said he plans to sue the city. The Los Angeles Times item on the ballot fail notes that Halbert and friends actually received 30,000 signatures, but only half are considered valid (no further details provided). The city council-passed pot ordinance limits LA's dispensaries to 70, but grandfathers in the 187 that registered with the city prior to the moratorium--if one closes, it can't be replaced until the number of dispensaries falls below 70. [Pictured: the infamous KFC pot store on National]
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