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Repairs Begining on OMA-designed CCTV Headquarters

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More than a year ago, a fatal fire--sparked by a fireworks display--damaged one of the buildings at the OMA-designed Beijing headquarters for CCTV, the country's leading TV broadcaster. Only now are repairs starting on the Television Cultural Center, a 44-story hotel and TV studio tower, according to Architectural Record . The adjacent building, seen in the photo above, wasn't damaged, but the "subsequent investigation into the fire rocked the company, slowing construction at the massive site and drawing added scrutiny to the project and the conduct of CCTV employees." A firefighter died in the blaze at the building, and the AR has more on the investigation: "So far, Beijing has announced criminal charges for 23 people in connection with the blaze, including the former director of CCTV's new headquarters for his role in staging the massive fireworks display. In total, 38 people have been arrested or detained in connection with the incident, including materials suppliers, employees of the fireworks manufacturer, and five city officials." According to the Architectural Record, a roofing membrane material used--described as a synthetic rubber material--was one of the reasons the fire spread so easily. Via Flickr user Onwatersedge, who has some more photos of the charred building
· OMA's Fire-Ravaged TVCC Will Be Repaired [AR]