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Waiting for Kanner Architects in Westwood, Meet Philanthropy Realtors*

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Via Kanner Architects. This design may change
WESTWOOD: Le Conte and Gayley* (updated) is waiting for a one-story commercial building (and it's been a long wait). Santa Monica-based Kanner Architects is designing the building, and a rep for the firm emails that the building is in construction development. "Roughly that means construction might begin by autumn, depending on how smoothly the process goes," he writes. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Here's a new way to feel good about yourselves, realtors. Meet Philanthropy Realtors, a new organization "that gives 10% of their profits to the seller’s favorite charity or non-profit organization upon close of escrow. Some of the charities working with Philanthropy include Getavision, LAPD, LGBT Cancer Outreach and many more." The organization was started by Miguel Gonzalez in association with Keller Williams Los Feliz. More via the web site. [Curbed InBox]

Le Conte and Gayley Avenue, Los Angeles, CA