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Live Among the Dead Off the 105 Freeway

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What/Where: A room in a building "off the 105 frwy."

Sounds good, right?: There's no rent, and your roommate is "a 21yr old female, down to earth, drug free," and likes to have fun.

The Catch: In a Craigslist ad titled "Free Rent for Female Who Can Stand It," your future roomie writes "Im currently an apprentice at a mortuary and I have a room in the building that I want someone to share with me. It's not creepy as you'd think but I'm honestly uneasy about staying there by myself at night so I want someone to share it with me." And you can't even hang out in the light of day, to assure yourself of the place's uncreepiness: "Looking for someone who is gone during the day because the place is open for business during the day. Great for someone who just needs a place to crash at night."

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· Free Rent for Female Who Can Stand It [Craigslist]