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Renzo Piano is Coming to Town, Crenshaw Drilling to Kick Off

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A model of the Renzo Piano-designed pavilion
MID WIlSHIRE: An AIA/Los Angeles event to tell you about. Go meet an elegant Italian because Renzo Piano is coming to town. "Before the newest building for art, the Resnick Pavilion, opens at LACMA this fall, its architect Renzo Piano sits down to discuss his design—from an entire ceiling made of glass to a flexible floor plan that will house three radically diverse exhibitions when it opens. The pavilion’s expansive space and natural light make it a distinctive addition to Renzo’s impressive oeuvre of museum buildings and an exciting addition to LACMA’s campus." The event takes place at LACMA on April 29, 7 pm. $10 for member; $15 for everyone else. [AIA]

CRENSHAW BLVD: There's a press conference on Monday to explain the always-sexy "exploratory soil drilling" process, all part of the planning and environmental analysis for the $1.7 billion Crenshaw to LAX Transit Corridor Light Rail Project. It takes place at 10:30 am, and will be hosted by Mayor Villaraigosa and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. [Curbed InBox]