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Council Fears Calabasas Water Park Concept is Too Vegas-y

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A fight could be a-brewin' in Calabasas, where the city is moving on plans to build a $7 million water park at De Anza Park. An early conceptual design, which the Calabasas director of community services stressed in an editorial this week is "a representation of what a generic aquatic complex could look like, not what it would look like," includes water slides, a splash pool, and a river loop. The Acorn says there are also plans for an eight-lane swimming pool, locker rooms, an office complex, and concessions. The City Council has already adopted a master plan that includes a water park, but residents and councilmembers are getting nervous about the actual design. At a meeting last week, one councilmember said, "It looks like a Las Vegas hotel," and another agreed. An editorial in last week's Acorn was ambivalent, calling the designs "stunning" and noting that Calabasas "has the financial wherewithal to build the big facility without going into debt," but asks if it's really what the conservationist-minded residents want. A new design and an operational analysis of the water park are scheduled to come out next month.
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